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Our Story

Creative Native Food Service Solutions was established by Andrew Fielke, following his pioneering work in the evolution of Native Australian Cuisine. After a stellar career in the restaurant industry, Andrew hung up his apron in 2001 and established Creative Native and Tuckeroo Gourmet Native. In 2019 the brands merged to create a cohesive look and image across all products and content.

Andrew was one of the founding committee members of Australian Native Food Industry Ltd, the peak industry body supporting the development of the native food industry. He now works increasingly as a consultant with several food manufacturers and native food growers across Australia, drawing on 60,000 years of native food history to develop foodservice products and opportunities for native food producers. Having the most comprehensive supply of quality raw and value-added native products available to leading restaurants, hotels, cafes, sports & entertainment venues across Australia.

Showcasing the tastes of Australia through quality ingredients and products giving homage and respect to the oldest cultures in the world. Respecting nature and indigenous culture through sustainable farming practices, and the cultivation of native ingredients.

Andrew’s Story

Inspired by the oldest living culture on earth

Developing a Creative Native Australian Cuisine

Sustainably grown and harvested native produce

Supporting indigenous growers and collectors

Offering the best seasonal Australian native ingredients

Our Values

We value and embody a sustainable and prosperous Native Australia Industry. We work hard to protect and grow the industry through collaborations and procedures. Highlighting the importance of Native Foods and the true Australian Cuisine.


To draw inspiration from the oldest and longest living culture on Earth to help evolve a true native Australian cuisine. Through respect, collaboration and engagement with Indigenous Australians.


To supply the best quality native food produce and value-added products to the hospitality, food service industries and home cooks around Australia, creating a true Australian Cuisine.

Our Impact

Our promise and commitment to the community, Australia and to the environment. The actions we are currently undertaking ourselves and in the community to protect and sustain the Native Industry and the environment. 

Indigenous Engagement

We are working closely with indigenous communities to create sustainable farming practices that ensure the continual growth and longevity of Australian Native Foods. These practices ensure that the culture and history of Native Foods are continually celebrated Australia wide through food and education. We aim to develop further practices that will aid in ethical and sustainable farming practices across all of our growers and suppliers.


We constantly strive to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly Native Australia industry wherever possible in our business. We aim to create less waste in our production and packaging processes in the warehouse and use less paper in the office. Our first major change was the introduction of a new logo that used a significant amount of less ink on all orders, forms and packaging.

We are excited to now add environmentally friendly packaging to our list of sustainable and eco-friendly campaigns. Where possible all of our dried & ground products & any other applicable products will be packed in Biodegradable & Compostable packaging.

Malted Wattle Seed – Halls Creek & Whipstick

Malted Wattle Seed - Halls Creek & Whipstick Coming in bulk soon! Malted Wattle Seed is an activated wattle seed that has been toasted lightly. Bringing out flavours deep within. Unlike raw wattle seed, the malted wattle is ready to use and is perfect for those...

New Biodegradable Packaging!

The never-ending strive for sustainability and longevity has now entered the Warehouse! We constantly strive to create a more sustainable Native Australian Industry, through farming and sourcing practices and now biodegradable & Compostable packaging! All dried...

HEIA National Conference Announcement.

Andrew Fielke will be launching the Australian Native Food Education Kit concept at the HEIA National Conference in Brisbane September 2021. Andrew, the founding chef of Creative Native Foods, will be conducting a Master Class and Native Foods Cooking Demonstration,...

Australian Native Food Education Kit is now available.

Australian Native Food Education Kit The kit and associated learning resources are now available for purchase and download. Create an Education account or logon by going HERE. 5 Spice Pack $49 plus postage - Includes these spices in biodegradable packaging: Lemon...

Our Products

Native Ingredients & Products

We strive to provide the highest quality range of premium native ingredients and products. Our native ingredients & products are perfect to use and understand the true taste of Australia. With new recipes and combinations created every day – all it takes is a little creativity, inspiration & respect for our history. The love of food and cooking helps too. 

Here at Creative Native we stock and supply an array of products across multiple different categories, species and storage options. We stock; Fresh – Australian native-inspired value-added products, Frozen – Home prepared meals and Dried products – Native herbs & spices.

Seasonal Updates

Keep up to date with the seasonality of our products, news and other information.