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Young Boab (Adansonia Gregorii)

Fresh leaves & tuber | ‘Sherbet’


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A majestic and iconic tree of the northern tropics of WA and NT, famous in the Kimberly region. The young plant when 50-100 cm in length is mostly edible and easily harvested by digging from the ground. The white pith and seeds from the large fruit are also edible when dried towards the end of the wet season.


Leaves – The bright green leaves from young plants are excellent as a vegetable or in salads, and can be used raw or cooked like spinach, or used as a wrap for food or pickled and fermented. They have a lovely mild nutty cashew/peanut flavour.

Tuber – this magnificent tuber can be slow roasted, boiled or eaten raw. Younger smaller tubers can be scrubbed clean and sliced very thinly for salads or fried crisps, larger tubers slow roasted and then peeled of the tougher outer skin. Raw the texture is between a water chestnut and radish perhaps. Cooked, its more like a firm potato/sweet potato texture. flavour is a wonderful cross between a potato or water chestnut

Seeds – the hard seeds cleaned from the white pith can be roasted and ground to a flour, and makes a very nice “coffee” beverage or used in dampers and baking like a rich dark flour.

“Sherbet” or pith – this powdery white fibre extracted from the large dried fruit or nut, has a mildly tangy sherbet like / cream of tartare flavour, and can be used as a coating for fish or chicken, and as a dusting for chocolates and desserts.


Young plants are now grown with regular planting of seedlings in beds, so supply is slowly becoming more stable year round. Post COVID 19 we expect supply to gradually improve as markets develop, and growers have confidence to plant ahead. We sell the young leaves and tubers seperately. 

The large dried fruits (or nuts) are usually harvested later in the dry season, when the contents “rattle” in the shell. Most of the seed is seperated for replanting programs, but the white pith is milled and screened to a fine flour for sale.  


Fresh young boab leaves and tubers can be purchased via pre-order only, but regular supply will not resume until post-COVID 19 

Boab Sherbet is available in limited quantities. Email to order.