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Bush Tomato (Solanum centrale)

Dried & Ground | Whole


Bush Tomato Butter Chicken

From Andrew’s ‘Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine’ cookbook.


Also called ‘Desert Raisins’ or ‘Kutjera’ (one of many Aboriginal names), this dry to semi-dried fruit is quite pungent and ‘moorish’, with savoury dried tomato/tamarillo/caramel and tangy/sweet flavours. The small fruit is traditionally harvested first turning yellowy to brown in colour, and often when semi to fully dried and shrivelled in the desert heat, on the small tomato shrub. Its never eaten green, when it can be toxic.


Use in sauces, casseroles and a multitude of savoury dishes, and ground finely can be used as a seasoning or in spice blends. Because they are quite a strong flavour, an application rate of only 4-6% is sufficient to add a lovely unique flavour.

A good friend Rayleen Brown of Kunkgas Can Cook in Alice Springs makes a lovely Bush Tomato and Caramel Tart which is a unique sweet application.


Bush Tomato in the wild is dependant on good rains, so harvest times can vary quite considerably. Under cultivation, the harvest is usually towards the end of summer, once the fruit is semi to fully dry on the shrub

Dried Bush Tomato can be found all year round for sale.


We use Bush Tomato as a hero ingredient throughout our range of value-added products. It can also be purchased as the ingredient itself, Whole or Ground for you to create your own native inspired dishes.

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