Go Wild This Christmas Day Bundle



Andrew has curated a superb menu for the most special day of the year!

This bundle includes all the Creative Native products to produce this menu as well as 2 limited edition products not currently available in the retail shop :

Spicy Davidson Plum Chilli Sauce 150gm
Quandong Syrup 150gm

as our Free Gift to you. 


Crusty damper with Saltbush Dukkah, extra virgin olive oil and Bush Tomato Balsamic
Prawn or Lobster “Cocktail” with Finger Lime Caviar mayo


Roast Turkey with Spicy Davidson Plum glaze – Coastal Rosemary and apple stuffing
Quandong glazed leg of ham


Cheese platter with Caramelised Anise Myrtle Figs & Pepperberry Oatmeal Biscuits
Christmas pudding, Cinnamon Myrtle Custard – and choose your favourite Gelato

Note: as this menu includes frozen items, this bundle is only suitable for pick up at our Hindmarsh warehouse or same day Adelaide metro delivery.

Choose your Gelato flavour when you collect your order, or if you have have chosen to get the bundle delivered we will call to get your preferences.

Download the Go Wild this Christmas Day menu and recipe instructions here.

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This bundle includes the following products:

Bush Tomato Balsamic 250ml
Saltbush Dukkah 50gm
Wattleseed Damper premix 450gm
Finger Lime Caviar Seedless Pearls 45gm
Spicy Davidson Plum Chilli Sauce 150gm
Coastal Rosemary 30gm
Quandong Syrup 150gm
Caramelised Aniseed Myrtle Figs 150gm
Pepperberry Oatmeal Biscuits 120gm
Cinnamon Myrtle dried & ground 30gm
Gelato 500ml Choose from - Desert lime and lemon - Dark chocolate malted wattle - Rosella flower and raspberry or Coconut and lemon myrtle
Quandong Christmas Pudding with Orange Brandy Sauce

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 26 × 15 cm