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Finger Lime (Citrus australasica)

Whole | ‘Caviar’

Oysters with Kakadu Plum Vinaigrette and Finger Lime Caviar.

From Andrew’s ‘Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine’ cookbook.


Australian limes are considered amongst the finest in the world, revered for their amazing flavour, unique structure, nutritional qualities, and vibrant colours. They are all true citrus fruits, of the genus Citrus. On first glance, the unique, long finger shape belies the exquisitely beautiful, delicately shaped and coloured flesh within. It is a joy to consume, because of the way juice-filled pearls pop open on the tongue to release an intense burst of fresh, rainforest lime juice, considered superior to that of other limes.


The pearls, or ‘caviar’ as they are sometimes called, are generally pink, greed or lemon in colour. The fruit itself is small, slender, and cylindrical, and its outer skin can be green, yellow, red, purple or black.

Squeeze out the pearls from the skin, with lime juice in any number of sweet or savoury recipes, working equally well in salads, desserts, drinks, seafood and chicken dishes, or to make an exciting garnish and a surprise ingredient in salad dressings.


Finger Lime as a rough guide is harvested between January and May. However, the harvest can start around Christmas and end in late April.


We stock four colours of Finger Lime ‘Caviar’ the small pearls found within the limes. We can get Whole limes by email order only.

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