Australian Native Food Education

Teaching the next generation about Australia’s native foods

The aim of this Creative Native Foods initiative is for students to increase their knowledge and understanding of Australia’s native foods, garnered from thousands of years of Indigenous food knowledge, and in consultation with experienced home economic professionals.  

This Education Kit introduces students to five of Australia’s most popular and abundant dried native ingredients that can be incorporated into easy-to-prepare recipes providing a unique and authentic taste of Australia.

Resources include packs of five spices (Education Spice Pack) that comprises dried Lemon Myrtle, Salt Bush, Pepperleaf, Wild Basil and Wattleseed. Also included are Lesson plans, Fact sheets, Posters, Rubric, Assignment plan, Recipes, and Photo Gallery.  


Samples of the Education Spice Kit Learning Resources.

Lesson Plans | Assignment | Recipes | Fact Sheets | Posters

HEIA Monthly Article

Education is going Native! Native news and recipes straight to your inbox.  Andrew and Creative Native have been working closely with the Home Economics Industry Association of Australia (HEIA) to encourage the use of native ingredients within the school's curriculum....

HEIA National Conference Announcement.

Andrew Fielke will be launching the Australian Native Food Education Kit concept at the HEIA National Conference in Brisbane September 2021. Andrew, the founding chef of Creative Native Foods, will be conducting a Master Class and Native Foods Cooking Demonstration,...

Australian Native Food Education Kit is now available.

Australian Native Food Education Kit The kit and associated learning resources are now available for purchase and download. Create an Education account or logon by going HERE. 5 Spice Pack $49 plus postage - Includes these spices in biodegradable packaging: Lemon...

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