Bush Tomato Ground 25g

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(Solanum centrale)

Bush Tomatoes are, in our humble opinion, one of the best native ingredients that you can buy. With fruity tomato and burnt caramel notes, and a touch of bitterness, they tick all of the right boxes when you’re looking to inject some flavour into your next dish. This elusive fruit, commonly known as desert raisin or Kutjera, is a rare discovery within the arid heart of central Australia where it originates, and is highly prized when found. Whether used as a garnish, blended into sauces or baked goods, or added into spice blends, Bush Tomato adds a distinct flair to any savoury creation. Start with a small amount, and adjust to taste.

  • First Nations harvested in central Australia
  • Organically processed*
  • Biodegradable packaging

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