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Native Pepperleaf (Tasmannia Lanceolata)

Fresh | Dried & Ground

Potato Pepperleaf Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Asparagus, Saltbush and Sea Parsley.

From Andrew’s ‘Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine’ cookbook.


Also known as Tasmanian or Mountain Pepper, it is an evergreen shrub endemic to the woodlands and cool temperate rainforest of South-Eastern Australia. Mountain pepper was used as a pepper substitute in early colonial times.

Female plants produce black/purple fruit (Pepperberry) in summer.


A very versatile spice with a strong peppery aroma. Perfect to use in all types of savoury cooking, wherever pepper is required. But high heat will denature the spicy notes. The pepperleaves are used fresh or dried and ground as a herb and seasoning. The leaves and berries both produce an intense, peppery flavour, evocative of bush settings,


Native Pepperleaf leaves can be harvested all year round based on the size of production and the quality of the harvest.

Once dried and ground native pepperleaf can be found all year round for sale.


We use Native Pepperleaf as a hero ingredient throughout our range of native products. It can also be purchased as the plant itself Ground or Fresh (Email Order Only) for you to use your inspiration to create your own native dishes or ours.

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