Quandong Dried 30g

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(Santalum acuminatum)
The famed fruit of the evergreen Quandong tree is also known as wild or desert peaches, as it originates in the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. These vibrant red fruit are celebrated for their distinct shape and nuanced flavour of sweet and sour peaches. Use Quandong to infuse a distinctly Australian flavour in both sweet and savoury dishes, wherever conventional peaches are used. When rehydrated, the fruit swells to roughly 4 x the weight. Simply soak in water or orange juice for 1-2 hours, before adding to your favourite dish. Sweeten to taste if needed.

  • 40-45 pieces per pack
  • Native superfood
  • Organically farmed* in South Australia
  • Biodegradable packaging

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