Saltbush Seeds 30g

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(Atriplex nummularia)
Derived from the prolific and hardy Saltbush shrub, which thrives in the coastal, arid, and semi-arid regions of Australia, these edible seeds closely resemble rolled oats in shape and texture, and offer a unique combination of salty and floury flavours, coupled with a pleasantly chewy and crunchy mouthfeel. Their distinctive qualities shine when toasted and used to crumb meats and vegetables, or to top baked biscuits and breads, however the seeds can also be milled into a flour for baked goods. Best of all, Saltbush Seeds are naturally gluten-free, low in sodium, and nutrient rich, making them a healthy substitute for conventional salt or gluten based ingredients.

  • Organically farmed* in the Adelaide Hills
  • Biodegradable packaging

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